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Feature request: Add rc.d script for svnliteserve
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Authored by on May 18 2019, 11:37 PM.


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This was originally added as a bug to FreeBSD bugtracker here:

svnliteserve rc.d script

As of FreeBSD 10.0, a "light" version of Subversion has been integrated into the base system. It includes most of the svn tools, though the filenames have been changed (e.g. "svnlite" instead of "svn", "svnliteserve" instead of "svnserve" etc.) Most people probably would use this for the client, but it turns out the server binary is included as well.

I want to setup a Subversion server using this integrated version. Everything works fine, except we are missing a preinstalled rc.d/ script for svnliteserve. I have created one by modifying the svnserve script from devel/subversion port. I placed it in /etc/rc.d, set up the permissions, and can now run the server using the base binaries.

I would like to see this get added to a future release, so that FreeBSD can be used "out of the box" to run an svn server!

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I can't review for you, but I think it would be smart if you got some individual reviewers attached instead of just the whole group?
It's a good idea though. :)


Can you make sure that it also works with the WITH_SVN build option? (That installs svnlite as svn)

Hmm, that's a good point... I am pretty sure this is not going to work for WITH_SVN build, because the filenames are hard-coded to svnlite*. I will have to go back and modify the svnlite build script to have it create this file, rather than placing a copy of it in the etc/rc.d folder.

Moving this out of the queue until I can change it.