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Update libv4l and v4l_compat

Authored by kwm on Jan 10 2015, 3:02 PM.
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Update libv4l to 1.6.2.
Turn v4l_compat into a slave port of libv4l.

This needs more testing before it can go in but I wanted a review in while I work on this. 1.5.x version of Gstreamer requires a updated dvb headers.

Note that the ca.h and version.h dvb header are not in the v4l-utils tarball so I have copied them from the old v4l_compat distfile. I haven't checked newer Gstreamer sources yet but we might be able to drop them in the future. After gstreamer-plugin-bad (the 0.10 version) goes away.

The v4l_compat port now does the conversion of linux types to freebsd types. and a few patches to switch the ioctl's around that where wrong. Please check and make sure I didn't forget any of them.

Test Plan

Build tested with webcamd and gstreamer1-plugins-bad (the dvb plugin).
Needs more build testing and runtime testing.

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Some more Makefile cleanup

Hi, Thanks for helping out in this area. I have some preliminary work done at for libv4l 1.4.x:

svn --username anonsvn --password anonsvn checkout svn://
cd ports/multimedia/libv4l


kwm edited edge metadata.

So merged from hans's version:
Depend on argp-standalone.
Disable dvbv5.
Make sure pkgconfig is available.

kwm added a reviewer: nox.

Update patch to be whitespace safe (hopefully)

Non-borked version I hope.

work on v4l-utils is planned

May have more comments later (once vdr builds again when osd.h is back, etc)

Thanx! :)

85 ↗(On Diff #3118)

CA_GET_SLOT_INFO, CA_GET_MSG need to be _IOWR not _IOR as per the deleted patch-dvb-ca.h


net.h may still be needed, osd.h definitely is (by vdr at least)

kwm edited edge metadata.

Move patches to libv4l/files.
put the dvb headers in a tarball extracted from linux kernel distfile.
Install dvb osd.h header.
Make sure ca.h is patched and apply frontend.h normal patch to the dvb headers.
Install libdvbv5 library (untested)

Forgot to svn add some files

Fix another issue nox found. Sorry for the spam.

Unbreak v4l-utils, we don't install the udev rules.. Also I'm not sure how good the v4l-utils are yet.
The only show stopper currently is the whole mozilla stack: thunderbird,firefox, seamonkey etc.

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In D1482#24, @kwm wrote:

The only show stopper currently is the whole mozilla stack: thunderbird,firefox, seamonkey etc.

Unblocked by rP380801.

The diff meanwhile needs to be synced with recent portstree changes, for example @dirrm were removed from some plists; also the v4l-utils fix from rP381524 needs to be forward-ported to the updated version.

Update to 1.6.3.

Catch up to port changes.

Not forward ported the change from rP381524 yet.
The getsubopt() function is used in a few files, we probably
want to come up with a way to switch them all over?

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This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Jun 14 2015, 5:24 AM