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Document cap_dns service.

Authored by oshogbo on Jan 4 2018, 8:08 AM.


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A few suggestions and corrections. Thanks for writing the man page!

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I would remove the "the" here and rewrite it to have it read:

"The following example first opens capability to casper and then uses this capability to create a new capability to the system.dns casper service and uses the latter capability to resolve an IP address.

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I would remove "the" here, unless you add "service" after Casper.

Thank you @bcr for reviewing it!
I bet it was less painful to write it then to review it :)

Haha, yeah. But only because you have a certain Goat looking over your shoulder when writing it. :-)

Macro goatforit:

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brueffer added a subscriber: brueffer.
brueffer added inline comments.
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geting -> getting

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The cap_getnameinfo() signature is missing.

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The functions

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Not sure I understand this sentence correctly; is assume the system.dns connection is required for all four cap_* variants?

Maybe something like this?

.Xr getnameinfo 2 ,
and expect that a connection to the
.Nm system.dns
service is provided.

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fallowing -> the following

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Probably .Va instead of .Dv since it's a variable?

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needs a space between NAME and .

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are allowed.

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function is allowed

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family -> families

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a capability

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All four entries above need a space between "3" and ","

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After review from @bruffer .
After you review I also noticed I forgot to document to other functions, really sorry for my sloppiness here.
I also update a example.

oshogbo added inline comments.
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I'm trying to say that the different between API of the get* and cap_get* are only in the one additional parameter with is connection to the system.dns.

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I'm really not sure about that.
.Va is an funtion argument
And the "type" here is an value of argument.
nvlist_add_type(nvl, "type", "ADDR");

Good progress! Hopefully these are the last comments.

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Ah! "expect -> except" below then :-)

Also "need" -> "needs"

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Sounds like .Va would be OK then. .Dv is more for constants and other explicit values.

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"for more deatls" -> "section for more details"

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to limit

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fallowing -> following

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a capability

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Lots of capabilities in one sentence :-) I'm not sure how to make this clearer though...

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oshogbo marked 11 inline comments as done.

Thanks @brueffer!

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Maybe like that?

brueffer requested changes to this revision.Jan 8 2018, 8:09 AM

Two more small changes, then it's ready to land.

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services -> service

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.Nm cap_dns

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Thanks for your patience :-)

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Thank you @brueffer and @bcr for dealing with my poor English :)

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