Expand generic subword atomic primitives


Expand generic subword atomic primitives

The goal of this change is to make the atomic_load_acq_{8,16},
atomic_testandset{,_acq}_long, and atomic_testandclear_long primitives
available in MI-namespace.

The second goal is to get this draft out of my local tree, as anything that
requires a full tinderbox is a big burden out of tree. MD specifics can be
refined individually afterwards.

The generic implementations may not be ideal for your architecture; feel
free to implement better versions. If no subword_atomic definitions are
needed, the include can be removed from your arch's machine/atomic.h.
Generic definitions are guarded by defined macros of the same name. To
avoid picking up conflicting generic definitions, some macro defines are
added to various MD machine/atomic.h to register an existing implementation.

Include _atomic_subword.h in arm and arm64 machine/atomic.h.

For some odd reason, KCSAN only generates some versions of primitives.
Generate the _acq variants of atomic_load.*_8, atomic_load.*_16, and
atomic_testandset.*_long. There are other questionably disabled primitives,
but I didn't run into them, so I left them alone. KCSAN is only built for
amd64 in tinderbox for now.

Add atomic_subword implementations of atomic_load_acq_{8,16} implemented
using masking and atomic_load_acq_32.

Add generic atomic_subword implementations of atomic_testandset_long(),
atomic_testandclear_long(), and atomic_testandset_acq_long(), using
atomic_fcmpset_long() and atomic_fcmpset_acq_long().

On x86, add atomic_testandset_acq_long as an alias for

Reviewed by: kevans, rlibby (previous versions both)
Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D22963


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Differential Revision
D22963: Expand generic subword atomic primitives
rS359310: netmap: ixl: add CRC to outbound frames