Fix netstat -gs with ip_mroute module and/or vnet


Fix netstat -gs with ip_mroute module and/or vnet

The code for "netstat -gs -f inet" failed if the kernel namelist did not
include the _mrtstat symbol. However, that symbol is not in a standard
kernel even with the ip_mroute module loaded, where the functionality is
available. It is also not in a kernel with MROUTING but also VIMAGE, as
there can be multiple sets of stats. However, when running the command
on a live system, the symbol is not used; a sysctl is used. Go ahead
and try the sysctl in any case, and complain that IPv4 MROUTING is not
present only if the sysctl fails with ENOENT. Also fail if _mrtstat is
not defined when running on a core file; netstat doesn't know about vnets,
so can only work if MROUTING was included, and VIMAGE was not.

Reviewed by: bz
MFC after: 1 week
Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D22311