stand/fdt: Consolidate overlay handling a little further


stand/fdt: Consolidate overlay handling a little further

This should have been done as part of r327350, but due to lack of foresight
it came later. In the different places we apply overlays, we duplicate the
bits that check for fdt_overlays in the environment and supplement that with
any other places we need to check for overlays to load. These "other places"
will be loader specific and are not candidates for consolidation.

Provide an fdt_load_dtb_overlays to capture the common logic, allow passing
in an additional list of overlays to be loaded. This additional list of
overlays is used in practice for ubldr to pull in any fdt_overlays passed to
it from U-Boot environment, but it can be used for any other source of

These additional overlays supplement loader.conf(5) fdt_overlays, rather
than replace, so that we're not restricted to specifying overlays in only
one place. This is a change from previous behavior where loader.conf(5)
supplied fdt_overlays would cause us to ignore U-Boot environment, and this
seems nonsensical- user should have sufficient control over both of these
aspects, or lack of control for good reasons.

A knob could be considered in the future to ignore U-Boot supplied overlays,
but the supplemental treatment seems like a good start.

Reviewed by: imp (earlier version), gonzo (earlier version)
Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D13993


kevansJan 28 2018, 1:22 AM
Differential Revision
D13993: stand/fdt: Consolidate overlay handling a little further
rS328503: MFC r328222: