ixl: Update to 1.4.17-k.


ixl: Update to 1.4.17-k.


Kiran Patil i40e-shared: APIs to Add/remove port mirroring rules
Shannon Nelson i40e-shared: add VEB stat control and remove L2 cloud filter
Eric Joyner ixl: Update NVM version information shown.
Eric Joyner ixl: Remove empty else block.
Eric Joyner ixl: Slightly re-work ixl_init_msix().
Eric Joyner ixl: Remove duplicate queue enablement.
Shannon Nelson i40e-shared: implement the API function for aq_set_switch_config
Eric Joyner ixl: Update nvm version string shown in sysctl.
Eric Joyner ixl/ixlv: Changes to PF/VF minor version checking/handling.
Eric Joyner ixlv: Reduce maximum wait time for responses to VF AQ messages.
Eric Joyner ixl/ixlv: Edit comments, comment out code, and edit spacing.
Eric Joyner ixl: Print log message when SR-IOV init is successful.
Eric Joyner ixl: Add Tx Flow Control filter from main PF VSI.
Eric Joyner ixlv: Add extra error message when ixlv_get_vf_config times out.
Eric Joyner ixl: Assign current MOCS optics the XLPPI media type.
Eric Joyner ixl: Remove conditional wait after link status event.
Eric Joyner ixl: Add line break and remove extraneous return statement.
Eric Joyner ixl: Allow 40G speeds in the advertise_speed sysctl.
Eric Joyner ixl: Add "CRC enable" field to link_status sysctl output.
Eric Joyner ixl: Move sbuf.h include out of IXL_DEBUG* defines.
Eric Joyner ixl: Move remaining debug sysctl funcs to IXL_DEBUG_SYSCTL define.
Eric Joyner ixl: Add cases for all remaining media types in shared code to media_status().

Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D6211
Reviewed by: sbruno, kmacy, jeffrey.e.pieper@intel.com
MFC after: 2 weeks
Sponsored by: Intel Corporation


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Differential Revision
D6211: ixl: Update to 1.4.27-k.
rS299551: ixl: Update to 1.4.13-k.