Import OpenBSD's sysctl hardware sensors framework.

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Import OpenBSD's sysctl hardware sensors framework.

This commit includes the following core components:

  • sample configuration file for sensorsd
  • rc(8) script and glue code for sensorsd(8)
  • sysctl(3) doc fixes for CTL_HW tree
  • sysctl(3) documentation for hardware sensors
  • sysctl(8) documentation for hardware sensors
  • support for the sensor structure for sysctl(8)
  • rc.conf(5) documentation for starting sensorsd(8)
  • sensor_attach(9) et al documentation
  • /sys/kern/kern_sensors.c o sensor_attach(9) API for drivers to register ksensors o sensor_task_register(9) API for the update task o sysctl(3) glue code o hw.sensors shadow tree for sysctl(8) internal magic
  • <sys/sensors.h>
  • HW_SENSORS definition for <sys/sysctl.h>
  • sensors display for systat(1), including documentation
  • sensorsd(8) and all applicable documentation

The userland part of the framework is entirely source-code
compatible with OpenBSD 4.1, 4.2 and -current as of today.

All sensor readings can be viewed with sysctl hw.sensors,
monitored in semi-realtime with systat -sensors and also
logged with sensorsd.

Submitted by: Constantine A. Murenin <cnst@FreeBSD.org>
Sponsored by: Google Summer of Code 2007 (GSoC2007/cnst-sensors)
Mentored by: syrinx
Tested by: many
OKed by: kensmith
Obtained from: OpenBSD (parts)


netchildOct 14 2007, 10:45 AM
rS172630: Back out iswascii change from prev. commit, iswascii was right,