List-ify kernel dump device configuration


List-ify kernel dump device configuration

Allow users to specify multiple dump configurations in a prioritized list.
This enables fallback to secondary device(s) if primary dump fails. E.g.,
one might configure a preference for netdump, but fallback to disk dump as a
second choice if netdump is unavailable.

This change does not list-ify netdump configuration, which is tracked
separately from ordinary disk dumps internally; only one netdump
configuration can be made at a time, for now. It also does not implement
IPv6 netdump.

savecore(8) is already capable of scanning and iterating multiple devices
from /etc/fstab or passed on the command line.

This change doesn't update the rc or loader variables 'dumpdev' in any way;
it can still be set to configure a single dump device, and rc.d/savecore
still uses it as a single device. Only dumpon(8) is updated to be able to
configure the more complicated configurations for now.

As part of revving the ABI, unify netdump and disk dump configuration ioctl
/ structure, and leave room for ipv6 netdump as a future possibility.
Backwards-compatibility ioctls are added to smooth ABI transition,
especially for developers who may not keep kernel and userspace perfectly

Reviewed by: markj, scottl (earlier version)
Relnotes: maybe
Sponsored by: Dell EMC Isilon
Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D19996


cemAuthored on May 6 2019, 6:24 PM
rG46068e86c3d2: Use PCIV_INVALID in pci_channel_offline() in the LinuxKPI.