ports-mgmt/pkg*: Release 1.17.0


ports-mgmt/pkg*: Release 1.17.0

TL;DR: new uniq package file extension: '.pkg'

Full changelog for pkg:

  • add a new "snap" prefix, to deal with pkg base snapshots
  • pkg repo now accepts packages with different compression formats
  • pkg now have a single extension: ".pkg" and a backward compatible symlink is created when the package is created to help transitioning
  • Default compression level for zstd is now set to 19
  • the default compression level is now a configuration option
  • plenty of portability fixes
  • fix plenty of typos
  • expose the name of the package to lua and shell scripts
  • plist: remove internal support for @*exec (this is now in the ports tree) remove support for @ignore remove support for @dirrm/@dirrmtry remove support for @pkgdep remove stub support for @stopdaemon remove stub support for @display remove stub support for @mtree remove stub support for @conflict
  • VUXML: fetch .xz compressed version of the file by default
  • triggers are deferred to later command (firstboot is planned) if run with pkg -r
  • pkg triggers commands has been added and can execute the deferred triggers for example at firstboot

Changes in the framework:

  • Add a backward compatibility layer, so people are not forced to move to pkg 1.17 yet (new quarter we will enforce the switch for triggers anyway, but it gives time to people to switch)
  • Introduce a new PKG_COMPRESSION_FORMAT for users to specify the compression format they are willing to use when creating packages: txz, tar, tgz, tbz, tzst are the valid ones (note that tzst is only usable on FreeBSD 13 and 14)
  • Add a backward compatibility for people who specified the compression format already via PKG_SUFX and issue a warning to tell them about the deprecation of PKG_SUFX


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