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wtf git

Authored by gjb on Oct 22 2021, 5:13 PM.
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F30745825: wtf git
Oct 22 2021, 5:13 PM
gjb@nucleus:/freebsd/ports/main % git worktree add ../2021Q4
Preparing worktree (checking out '2021Q4')
Updating files: 100% (142300/142300), done.
HEAD is now at 45bdca3c58cb science/py-pymatgen: Update 2022.0.14 -> 2022.0.15
gjb@nucleus:/freebsd/ports/main % cd !$
cd ../2021Q4
gjb@nucleus:/freebsd/ports/2021Q4 % git branch
* 2021Q4
+ main
gjb@nucleus:/freebsd/ports/2021Q4 % git pull --rebase
First, rewinding head to replay your work on top of it...
Generating patches: 100% (2438/2438), done.
Applying: lang/intel-compute-runtime: update to 21.39.21127
Applying: lang/intel-compute-runtime: drop i386 support
Applying: lang/(erlang(-runtime2[13])?): work around dtrace failures with clang 13
Applying: x11/sddm: Remove unused patch.
Applying: textproc/py-xmlschema: Update to 1.8.0
Applying: misc/ansiweather: Update to 1.18.0
Applying: devel/py-watchdog: Update to 2.1.6
Applying: textproc/py-mkdocs: Update to 1.2.2
Applying: misc/freebsd-doc-all: Update to ra4827f6f64 from FreeBSD docset
Applying: news/inn-current: Update to 20211002
Applying: textproc/p5-JSON-Validator: Update to 5.00
Applying: devel/cli11: Update 2.1.0 -> 2.1.1
Applying: multimedia/ffaudioconverter: Update 0.29.1 -> 0.30.0
Applying: security/fizz: Update 2021.09.20.00 -> 2021.09.27.00
Applying: net/wangle: Update 2021.09.20.00 -> 2021.09.27.00
Applying: devel/fbthrift: Update 2021.09.20.00 -> 2021.09.27.00
Applying: net/fbzmq: Update 2021.09.20.00 -> 2021.09.27.00
Applying: www/proxygen: Update 2021.09.20.00 -> 2021.09.27.00
Applying: devel/fatal: Update 2021.09.20.00 -> 2021.09.27.00
Applying: security/ Update to 3.0.6
Applying: devel/devhelp: Update to 41.2
Applying: security/seahorse: Update to 41.0
Applying: */*: Remove compiler:openmp from Mk/Uses/
Applying: databases/redis_exporter: Update to 1.27.1
Applying: games/quadrapassel: Update to 40.2
Applying: irc/polari: Update to 41.0
Applying: net/croc: Update to version 9.4.2.
Applying: x11-fm/sushi: Update to 41.0
Applying: net/haproxy: Fix a stalled connection
Applying: security/ Update to 3.0.1
Applying: math/kalker: New port: Scientific calculator that supports math syntax
Applying: */*: Remove more compiler:openmp instances
Applying: graphics/R-cran-s2: fix build on powerpc64*
Applying: math/R: Fix build with clang/openmp 13
Applying: finance/chiapos: New port Chia proof of space
Applying: devel/kf5-knewstuff: upstream backport requests
Applying: devel/py-git-up: Update to 2.1.0
Applying: mail/dovecot: update to 2.3.16
Applying: math/librsb: Add USE_GCC=yes.
Applying: devel/cdecl: upgrade from 8.0->11.2
Applying: mail/notmuch: Update to 0.33.2 and take maintainership
Applying: mail/notmuch: Formatting changes from portclippy/portfmt
Applying: www/p5-Mozilla-CA: Update to 20211001
Applying: databases/py-Pyrseas: Update to 0.9.1
Applying: devel/p5-DateTime-TimeZone: Update to 2.49
Applying: security/tpm2-tools: Update to 5.2
Applying: devel/p5-Log-Log4perl-Layout-JSON: Update to 0.59
Applying: textproc/p5-JSON-Validator: Update to 5.01
Applying: cad/gds3d: New port: Application for rendering IC (chip) layouts in 3D
Applying: audio/freebsd-13-mixer: Add a new port
Applying: print/pdftk: Update to 3.3.1
Applying: lang/gcc9-devel: Update to the 20210923 snapshot of GCC 9.4.1
Applying: dsekutils/copyq: Update to 5.0.0
Applying: ports-mgmt/pkg-devel:
Applying: devel/py-streamparse: update 3.16.0 to 4.0.0
Applying: security/obfs4proxy-tor: update WWW on port's pkg-descr
Applying: devel/purescript-language-server: Update to 0.15.7
Applying: devel/got: update to 0.61
Applying: graphics/xaos: Fix build on HEAD
Applying: www/py-pelican: Update to 4.7.0
Applying: devel/py-types-requests: update to 2.25.7
Applying: games/peg-e: update to 1.3.0
Applying: games/tetzle: update to 2.2.0
Applying: devel/py-unittest2pytest: add port: Convert unittest test-cases to pytest
Applying: textproc/py-rstfmt: Update to 0.0.10
Applying: net-p2p/jackett: update to 0.18.303
Applying: net/haproxy: update to version 2.4.7.
Applying: www/tomcat{85,9,10,-devel}: Update to 8.5.77, 9.0.54, 10.0.11, 10.1.0-M5
Applying: devel/pkgconf: update to 1.8.0
Applying: www/py-multidict: update to 5.2.0
Applying: sysutils/cfengine-devel: Update to latest GH commit
Applying: sysutils/cfengine-masterfiles-devel: Update to latest GH commit
Applying: mail/spamassassin-devel: update to latest github commit
Applying: sysutils/nut-devel: Update to the latest networkupstools/nut github commit
Applying: sysutil/intel-pcm: Update to 202109
Applying: www/py-pyjwt: Rename to www/py-pyjwt1
Applying: UPDATING: Correct date of the entry
Applying: www/py-dj32-django-cors-headers: Update to 3.9.0
Applying: www/py-dj32-django-filter: Update to 21.1
Applying: net-mgmt/netbox: Update to 3.0.4
Applying: net-mgmt/py-netbox-plugin-extensions: Add new port
Applying: security/py-netbox-secretstore: Add new port
Applying: UPDATING: Add upgrade instructions for NetBox 3.x
Applying: net-p2p/jackett: unbreak
Applying: mail/swaks: Update to 20201014.0
Applying: devel/py-oci: update to 2.46.0
Applying: math/py-optuna: Update to 2.10.0
Applying: deskutils/elementary-calendar: Update to 6.0.2
Applying: math/gh-bc: update to version 5.1.0
Applying: textproc/jshon: Match version with MacPorts
Applying: x11/inputplug: Update to 0.4.0
Applying: x11/inputplug: Drop unnecessary build dependencies
Applying: devel/cppcheck{,-gui}: update to 2.6
Applying: cad/yosys: Update 0.9 -> 0.10
Applying: math/or-tools: Update 9.0 -> 9.1
Applying: math/heyoka: Update 0.14.0 -> 0.15.0
Applying: math/py-heyoka: Update 0.14.0 -> 0.15.0
Applying: www/ffsend: Update to 0.2.73
Applying: lang/erlang-runtime20: remove
Applying: *: re-assign kuriyama@s ports to the pool, commit bit safekept
Applying: lang/erlang-riak: remove
Applying: sysutils/riak-cs: remove
Applying: sysutils/stanchion: remove
Applying: games/wyrmgus: update to 5.2.0
Applying: games/wyrmsun: update to 5.2.0
Applying: lang/erlang-riak: update MOVED for dependent ports
Applying: lang/erlang-riak: the arrow of time moves forward even in MOVED
Applying: net-p2p/py-nicotine-plus: New port: Graphical client for the Soulseek file sharing network
Applying: emulators/openmsx: Update to 17.0
Applying: dns/dnsjit: New port: Engine for capturing, parsing and replaying DNS
Applying: audio/soundtouch: Update to 2.3.1
Applying: devel/p5-MooX-Attribute-ENV: Update to 0.04
Applying: www/tomcat-devel: Update to 10.1.0-M6
Applying: www/tomcat10: Update to 10.0.12
Applying: www/typo3-9: Update to 9.5.31
Applying: www/typo3-10: Update to 10.4.21
Applying: www/typo3-11: New port
Applying: graphics/mesa-devel: update to 21.2.b.3167
Using index info to reconstruct a base tree...
M graphics/mesa-devel/Makefile
M graphics/mesa-devel/distinfo
Falling back to patching base and 3-way merge...
Auto-merging graphics/mesa-devel/distinfo
Auto-merging graphics/mesa-devel/Makefile
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in graphics/mesa-devel/Makefile
error: Failed to merge in the changes.
Patch failed at 0118 graphics/mesa-devel: update to 21.2.b.3167
hint: Use 'git am --show-current-patch' to see the failed patch
Resolve all conflicts manually, mark them as resolved with
"git add/rm <conflicted_files>", then run "git rebase --continue".
You can instead skip this commit: run "git rebase --skip".
To abort and get back to the state before "git rebase", run "git rebase --abort".