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security/sha1collisiondetection - tool to detect SHA-1 collisions

Authored by jrm on Mar 14 2017, 1:21 PM.
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security/sha1collisiondetection - tool to detect SHA-1 collisions

Remaining port issues:

  • Using MAKE_ARGS+=PREFIX=${STAGEDIR}${PREFIX} puts everything in the correct staging locations, but the binaries link to the full staging paths for the shared libraries.
  • Manually staging with INSTALL_PROGRAM gives errors when stripping the binaries ( File format not recognized).

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Please don't add new ports with Created by lines.

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Don't add commented-out bits.

Also, as a side note, NEVER, EVER, use do-install and post-install at the same time, just use do-install.

Update from work-in-progress to something that installs.

This revision was automatically updated to reflect the committed changes.
jrm marked an inline comment as done.

INSTALL_PROGRAM is only for binaries. If you get errors, it's most likely the files with error are scripts and should be installed with INSTALL_SCRIPT.

As it builds itself, it feels like it should be able to install itself. What kind of errors do you get when you try to install it with the provided build framework ? Have you tried USES=desthack ?

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No need for the ./ here.

I don't think DESTHACK will help. The port isn't using GNU configure.

Removing the do-install target and the line that sets ALL_TARGET gives

The above plus adding MAKE_ARGS=PREFIX=${STAGEDIR}${PREFIX} and manually stripping the binaries and shared library gives