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Update math/gmm++ to 5.1

Authored by tcberner on Aug 31 2016, 10:25 PM.
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We discussed this a while ago on IRC: this new release seems to require C++11 support in the compiler and the standard library (I didn't check if it's source-incompatible) and the update seems to break audio/csound{6}. It'd be good to find out if just adding a dependency on a C++11 compiler/library is enough to unbreak those ports.

I think we would either have to switch csound* to a newer gcc-compiler USE_GCC=4.9+ like biology/seqan-apps does (as it seems, one cannot have compiler:openmp,c++11-lang).
Or just ignore set a


while keeping csound* pointing to that, and maybe add a new port math/gmm++5.

I'll look if using GCC would work.

It turns out USES=compiler:openmp already implies USE_GCC=yes, the only problem with the csound ports is that they're not passing -std=c++11 or an equivalent when building and configuring. Passing CXXFLAGS+= -std=c++11 in their Makefiles works fine, so you could include that in this patch (remember to add a comment explaining why this is being done, and PORTREVISION will need to be bumped).

Yeah, that :-) I was trying CXXSTD=c++11 so no wonder it didn't work...

Thanks; this works for audio/csound6. I don't think this is enough for audio/csound on 9.3. It seems using compiler:gcc-c++11-lib is needed, so that CC and CXX have gcc48/g++48 set.

Hmm, USES=compiler:openmp only sets USE_GCC=yes if clang was originally going to be used, which explains why it doesn't do anything on 9.3. audio/csound should work if you add both USE_CXXSTD=c++11 and USE_GCC=yes.

ok, now that I've successfully out-waited the EOL of 9.3, let's see if this still is working :D

I'll test again on current and 10.3...

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Add USE_CXXSTD=c++11.

Do I need to bump PORTREVISIONS for the csound* ports?

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While not required per se, I think it's a good idea to bump PORTREVISION in csound because gmm is a header-only port, so the bump forces everyone to build the port with the same headers.

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