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Add RTL8366SR support at etherswitch driver

Authored by on Jun 10 2016, 2:35 AM.



Add RTL8366SR support at etherswitch driver

Test Plan

RTL8366RB and RTL8366SR

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it looks good! Let's just move chipid into the driver softc and then we're ready to commit it to -HEAD!

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Ideally chipid would be a flag in the softc, rather than a global. I know, it's highly unlikely that someone'll put more than one of these on a board. It's just the "better" way to do it.

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As guy who worked with number of switch chips, I have to ask:
What will be here, when code will support 5 similar Ethernet switches?
IMO, better to name different registers with model prefix and cache registers address in softc, or even make submodules, which override default methods of driver, based on chip id.

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the current diff isn't against head, it looks like it's against a previous diff :) can you upload a fresh diff against head?

that way I can see what needs to be tidied up before it's commited.




The latest diff is /still/ not against an un-modified freebsd-head tree. :-)

Sorry! Would you please diff your directory against the latest freebsd-head rather than your local repo and send up a diff?



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(*) Small improvements are welcome (@ray, @adrian comments)
(+) Patch is fine against current -HEAD
(+) Build has been compiled via freebsd-wifi-build/tl-wr1043nd

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Please use /* */ comments

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As @ray mentioned, could you please move condition to SC/HAL layer.

adrian added a reviewer: adrian.

This looks fine to me. :)

Would someone be able to land this to -HEAD?

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