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lang/cython3: add new port (slave of lang/cython)

Authored by jbeich on Apr 5 2016, 2:22 PM.
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Mostly a (poor) example for D5844.

Test Plan

multimedia/vapoursynth needs it for --with-python-module.

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jbeich added a reviewer: Python.

Drop unnecessary lang/python3 dependency.

If one uses "DEFAULT_VERSIONS= python=3.5", won't lang/cython3
be redundant? And won't it actually conflict with lang/cython? Both
will want to install bin/cython.

Note that Cython produces C code that can be linked against
either Python 2 or Python 3 without modifications (or so I am
told; I never tested this functionality) -- which version of
Python your Cython was built with should not matter as long as
Cython is only used from the command line (it will matter if it
is used as a Python module).

Jan, if you still need lang/cython3 after the above note, we'll
need to make it conflict-free, so that both Python 2 and Python 3
versions could co-exist. I'm not really up to date with our USES
flags; is there one that will do that?

Ah, correct. My testing was flawed, lang/cython works fine with python 3.x C modules and multimedia/vapoursynth in particular.