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Add alternate ptrace()-based thread target.

Authored by jhb on Jan 6 2016, 10:29 PM.



Split the THREADS option into a radio option to support choosing between
multiple thread targets. Add a new thread target for a ptrace()-based
thread target.

Test Plan
  • Able to build the port ok with new thread target and KGDB enabled.

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Buildable 2082
Build 2090: arc lint + arc unit

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Small fix suggested in the Makefile


The option name is wrong. It should be;

jhb marked an inline comment as done.Jan 11 2016, 5:17 PM

Update patch so that it applies.

Fix a bug with fbsd_thread_name().

Dump the signalled thread first when generating a core dump.

I'm not sure why this keeps thinking the new file is empty. arc is a bit busted it seems.

I've dropped the binutils bits of the patch. The only effect there is that thread names are not found in core dumps, though I'm testing a hack (that would not go upstream but would be a patch to the port in the future) to recognize the alternate name (".tname") that the in-tree binutils uses for the NT_THRMISC notes.

Put back the libbfd bits I trimmed earlier. This restores thread name support
in core dumps. Only the binutils/readelf.c changes need to be left out of the
original patch.

7.11 has been merged into ports which includes these changes.