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graphics/nvidia-drm-kmod: fix build depends and linuxkpi registration

Authored by on Mar 11 2024, 7:18 PM.
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This fixes an issue where linuxkpi/DRM compatibility was not being
correctly detected, causing sway to not work. The script
checks the installed kernel modules for symbol presence, but on
package builders drm.ko was not being installed due to being in

This also fixes a panic in sway when an external monitor is plugged
into a prime laptop. This uses linux_pci_attach_device when possible
to actually register everything needed for the pci dev, instead of
just filling in the bare miniumum.

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R11 FreeBSD ports repository
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If I understand correctly, setting BUILD_DEPENDS alone makes the dependency not to be automatically installed by pkg, including packages which are locally built with poudriere or any other clean-room builders.
Legacy builders like portupgrade should not be affected, though, as it needs BUILD_DEPENDS to be installed first to proceed builds.

To pull in drm-*-kmod package automatically when not yet installed, RUN_DEPENDS should be kept.
Setting both is fine.

Updated to add back in RUN_DEPENDS

Styling nitpick: BUILD_DEPENDS should come before RUN_DEPENDS.

Moved BUILD_DEPENDS to before as suggested.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Mar 18 2024, 3:26 PM