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Hide acpi_timer_test behind a tunable

Authored by cperciva on Tue, Sep 7, 11:04 PM.



When hw.acpi.timer_test_enabled is set to 0, this makes acpi_timer_test return 1
without actually testing the ACPI timer; this results in ACPI-fast being used rather
than potentially using ACPI-safe.

The ACPI timer testing was introduced in 2002 as a workaround for errata in
Pentium II and Pentium III chipsets, and is unlikely to be needed in 2021.

While I'm here, add TSENTER/TSEXIT to make it easier to see the time spent
on the test (if it is enabled).

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Assuming this is approved, I plan to
(a) MFC it as-is to stable/13,
(b) Change the default in HEAD to acpi_timer_test_enabled = 0, and
(c) Nuke the test entirely in 15-CURRENT if nobody squawks while running 14.x.

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This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Tue, Sep 7, 11:21 PM
imp added inline comments.

Why not #ifdef this to be 1 if building on i386 only?


Just in case the workaround for broken Pentium II/III chipsets was also hiding issues with other more modern systems. I'm going to set it to 0 on HEAD anyway; I only have it set to 1 here because that's what I'll be MFCing (to avoid changing the default behaviour on -STABLE).

Whoops, forgot to put a link to this in the commit message.