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racct: Add some tests
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Authored by on Jun 29 2021, 10:58 PM.



This revision adds some tests for racct. They test the upcoming addition of racct to POSIX shared memory as well as the upcoming fixes to pcpu and cputime calculations.

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Overall this looks good to me. There are some stylistic nits which I pointed out.

What do you think of adding a short test to verify the runtime accounting? It might be easiest to write a short C program which loops for N seconds (with N == 3 or so, we don't want tests that take too long to run) and exits. alarm(3) would be a useful function there.


This can be removed, it's a holdover from when we used Subversion. It's not useful anymore.

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It's good form to also set descr to a sentence describing what the test is verifying.

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Rather than checking exit statuses manually, you might consider using atf-check(1).

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Since you're defining names for the parameters, it's a bit nicer to make them locally-scoped:

local jailname i size

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A simpler way to write these kinds of loops is

for i in $(seq 1 $max); do

Then you don't need to initialize $i or increment it. edited the summary of this revision. (Show Details)

I have added a test for cputime and pcpu which takes 4 seconds to complete. Since it is a loop that executes another process, the calculations involved are inexact (compared to a loop that simply spins) and we cannot expect a precise value for these measurements.

I have also added another interesting test, for maxproc. It is a currently failing test, but I'm not sure why. The test uses a process to create 6 children, but expects to fail on the last one. In my manual testing, I have found that it instead fails on the 5th child even though maxproc is set to 5 (the parent process does not count as one of the processes, since it is executed using jexec). We can change this to atf_expect_fail, if needed.

Remove unnecessary quoting and ignore error messages.