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pkgbase: resolve mailer.conf conflict WITHOUT_SENDMAIL
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Authored by kevans on Wed, May 20, 4:44 AM.


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When WITHOUT_SENDMAIL is set, we end up with two different mailer.conf that conflict, and hilarity ensues. There's currently three different places that we might install mailer.conf:

  • ^/etc/Makefile (package=runtime, contingent on MK_MAIL != no)
  • ^/libexec/dma/dmagent/Makefile (package=dma, contingent on MK_SENDMAIL != no)
  • ^/usr.sbin/mailwrapper/Makefile (package=utilities, contingent on not-installed)

The mailwrapper installation will effectively never happen because the ^/etc one will first.

This patch simplifies the whole situation; remove the ^/etc/Makefile version and install it primarily in mailwrapper if MK_MAILWRAPPER != "no". The scenarios covered in mailwrapper are:

  • sendmail(8) is installed, dma(8) may or may not be installed
  • neither sendmail(8) nor dma(8) is installed

In the first scenario, sendmail(8) is dominant so we can go ahead and install the version in ^/etc/mail. In the unlisted scenario, sendmail(8) is not installed but dma(8) is, we'll let ^/libexec/dma/dmagent do the installation. In the second listed scenario, we still want to install an example mailer.conf so just install the base sendmail(8) version.

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