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Use a variant structure for hash and offpage zones to save space.

Authored by jeff on Fri, Nov 29, 9:03 PM.



This is a relatively minor memory savings but I like the code refactoring that resulted from it.

On a freshly booted system I am using ~2MB of memory for off page slab structures. It may make sense to make a small version and a large version. I believe that was originally a feature of UMA.

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Fix indentation while here?

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Missing a period in the comment.

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This looks like it should be de-indented by one tab.

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Where is this used?

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Missing parens around the return value. The parens around slab and the cast are redundant.

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Missing parens around the return value.

jeff added inline comments.Mon, Dec 2, 8:23 PM
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relic of an aborted attempt to make a minimum size slab and maximum size slab zone.

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Address review feedback

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Is the purpose of changing from SLIST to LIST to make this cheaper?

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Tue, Dec 3, 4:27 PM
rlibby accepted this revision.Wed, Dec 4, 7:34 AM

Looks good! Below are a couple style comments, and a couple other drive by comments.

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Is this not better described as slab_data(slab, keg)?

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Counting backward may not be a good idea if it defeats prefetch.

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Not sure if this is perf sensitive or how long the loop is, but instead of adjusting uk_pages and uk_free in the loop, we could just count (n++) and then do the adjustment below the loop.

1188–1191 ↗(On Diff #65146)

Easier to read in the positive direction:

if (keg->uk_flags & UMA_ZONE_OFFPAGE)
        ((uma_hash_slab_t)slab)->uhs_data = mem;
        slab = (uma_slab_t )(mem + keg->uk_pgoff);

Ditto in slab_data().

241 ↗(On Diff #65146)

Curious, why is this a keg member? It seems it's always (uk_flags & UMA_ZONE_OFFPAGE) ? slabzone : NULL.

488 ↗(On Diff #65146)

Cast is now unnecessary?

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