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regulator: small enhancements to regulator_shutdown
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Authored by kevans on Fri, Nov 1, 1:07 PM.




  • Exit early if we're not disabling unused regulators; there's no need to take the regulator topology lock and re-evaluate this every iteration, as it's not going to change.
  • Unconditionally emit a notice that we're disabling regulators so it doesn't look like we might just be taking a while to mountroot.
  • Don't emit a notice that we're shutting down a regulator if it's not enabled, to reduce noise.
  • Mention the outcome of the shutdown, to aide debugging and easily let developer/user collect list of regulators we actually shutdown to determine problematic one.

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kevans created this revision.Fri, Nov 1, 1:07 PM
manu added inline comments.Sat, Nov 2, 11:14 AM

I would put that under if (bootverbose)


Maybe add "regulator: " in fronf of the text because just having a line with "ok" isn't really helpful.

kevans added inline comments.Sat, Nov 2, 1:39 PM

The comment above explains why I didn't want to put it under bootverbose. It looks like a completely unrelated failure at the moment if you're not booting verbose because this happens right around mountroot, so this is the hint that you're not having filesystem issues.


Whoops, I meant to strip the newline off the message above because this needs to be same line.

kevans updated this revision to Diff 63918.Mon, Nov 4, 2:10 AM

Chop off a newline to push status of regulator shutdown back onto the correct line with the name of the regulator.