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x11/xlockmore: various fixes
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Authored by jrm on Fri, Sep 6, 8:05 PM.


  • Fix build with GTK2 and KERBEROS5 options on [submitted by]
  • Turn the MB option on by default. It was never disable before the switch to option helpers and fonts looks bad without it.

*Note*, even when supplying --disable-setuid to configure, xlock and are installed with setuid bits on. This seems to be required/intentional based on pkg-plist and run-time tests.

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portlint and poudriere testport are happy

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Build 24963: arc lint + arc unit

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jrm created this revision.Fri, Sep 6, 8:05 PM
jgh added a subscriber: jgh.EditedWed, Sep 11, 1:53 AM

I can take a look at this more later this week/weekend, but I did look at the previous revision, and MB was not enabled. I thought you had mentioned not making XINERAMA default. Do you still feel this way? I also sent a message to upstream regarding setuid note.

--without-motif --without-ttf --without-editres  --without-dtsaver --without-rplay --without-nas  --without-gtk --without-esound --disable-setuid --without-mesa --without-opengl --without-ftgl --without-gtk2 --disable-bomb --without-magick --with-xinerama --x-libraries=/usr/local/lib --x-includes=/usr/local/include --prefix=/usr/local ${_LATE_CONFIGURE_ARGS}
> make -V PKGNAME
jrm added a comment.EditedWed, Sep 11, 2:01 AM

I made those comments before I was completely clear on what was going on. MB was never really disable before the switch to option helpers. The fonts look like terminal fonts without it, so I think most users would prefer it on. That's why my fonts changed after this latest update even though I had never explicitly turned on the MB knob. It's a similar situation with the Xinerama knob. It wasn't being disabled before and that's why I thought that the login screen was suddenly not being displayed on the primary display after the latest update. Later I realized what was really going on. The login screen was expanded over all displays without Xinerama on.

jrm updated this revision to Diff 62292.EditedThu, Sep 19, 2:16 AM

Re-add GTK2 and KERBEROS5 options based on

jrm retitled this revision from x11/xlockmore: Remove options that break build; other fixes to x11/xlockmore: various fixes.Thu, Sep 19, 2:17 AM
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jrm updated this revision to Diff 62323.Thu, Sep 19, 7:45 PM
  • Add radio options for different Kerberos5 implementations. Only MIT and NONE are currently building.
  • Remove --disable-setuid from CONFIGURE_ARGS because both xlock and are installed with setuid bits on.