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NTB Tool: Test driver for NTB hardware drivers.
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NTB Tool driver is meant for testing NTB hardware driver functionalities. NTB Tool driver can test functionalities like doorbell interrupts, link events, scratchpad registers, memory window.

This is a port of ntb_tool driver from linux and this has been verified on top of AMD NTB HW driver.

Test Plan

To test ntb_tool driver first load ntb core driver and ntb_hw driver and then load ntb_tool driver.

  1. kldload ntb.ko
  2. kldload ntb_hw_amd/ntb_hw_amd.ko
  3. kldload ntb_tool/ntb_tool.ko

To check ntb port information:

Get local device port number

root@local# sysctl dev.ntb_tool.0.port

Check peer device port number

root@local# sysctl dev.ntb_tool.0.peer0.port

To tests doorbell:

Set/clear/get local doorbell mask

root@local# sysctl dev.ntb_tool.0.db_mask="s 0x1"
root@local# sysctl dev.ntb_tool.0.db_mask="c 0x1"
root@local# sysctl dev.ntb_tool.0.db_mask

Poll until local doorbell is set with the specified db bits

root@local# dev.ntb_tool.0.db_event=0x1

Ring/clear/get peer doorbell

root@local# sysctl dev.ntb_tool.0.peer_db="s 0x1"
root@local# sysctl dev.ntb_tool.0.peer_db="c 0x1"
root@local# sysctl dev.ntb_tool.0.peer_db

clear/get local doorbell

root@local# sysctl dev.ntb_tool.0.db="c ox1"
root@local# sysctl dev.ntb_tool.0.db

To tests link related events:

Set local link up/down

root@local# sysctl
root@local# sysctl

Check if link with peer device is up/down:

root@local# sysctl

Poll until the link specified as up/down. For up, value needs to be set

depends on peer index, i.e., for peer0 it is 0x1 and for down, value needs
to be set as 0x0.
root@local# sysctl dev.ntb_tool.0.peer0.link_event=0x1
root@local# sysctl dev.ntb_tool.0.peer0.link_event=0x0

To tests scratchpad registers:

Write/read to/from local scratchpad register #0

root@local# sysctl dev.ntb_tool.0.spad0=0x1023457
root@local# sysctl dev.ntb_tool.0.spad0

Write/read to/from peer scratchpad register #0

root@local# sysctl dev.ntb_tool.0.peer0.spad0=0x01020304
root@local# sysctl dev.ntb_tool.0.peer0.spad0

To tests memory window:

Create memory window buffer of specified size/get its dma address

root@local# sysctl dev.ntb_tool.0.peer0.mw_trans0=16384
root@local# sysctl dev.ntb_tool.0.peer0.mw_trans0

Write/read data to/from inbound memory window with specific pattern/random

root@local# sysctl dev.ntb_tool.0.peer0.mw0="W offset 0 nbytes 100 pattern ab"
root@local# sysctl dev.ntb_tool.0.peer0.mw0="R offset 0 nbytes 100"

Write/read data to/from outbound memory window on the local device with

specific pattern/random (on peer device)
root@local# sysctl dev.ntb_tool.0.peer0.peer_mw0="W offset 0 nbytes 100 pattern ab"
root@local# sysctl dev.ntb_tool.0.peer0.peer_mw0="R offset 0 nbytes 100"

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