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gpiospi no delay support

Authored by on Feb 10 2018, 1:32 AM.



My spi lcd (T18SPI-2P) is work on no delay.
DELAY(1) is very slow on led dispay.

This modify work this.

If set over 1000000 Hz then spi is no DELAY.
If set 1000000 Hz to DELAY(1).

Test Plan

Onion Omega with spi lcd

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Lint OK
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Buildable 14916
Build 15028: arc lint + arc unit

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This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Aug 17 2018, 2:14 PM

The description does not seem to match what the code does now.

If sc_freq is less than 1 MHz, it will have no delay
If sc_freq is 1 Mhz, it will DELAY(1)
If sc_freq is larger than 1 Mhz, it may have a higher delay.

Does the display you have use a high or a low frequency?

Can you provide a better description for the commit message?

Sorry my missing comment.

I think sc_freq is not frequency. Because of frequency is bigger then one clock is go smaller. Current logic is reverse.

I think sc_freq mean latency.

I don't have good comment now. Sorry.

I update Onion Omega to normal 12-STALBLE then LCD display is slow. I remember no this modify in source tree.

sc_freq is revers frequency. If under 1M is no delay, Over 1M divide 1M by micro sec delay.