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comms/tio: Update to 1.26

Authored by yuri on Nov 8 2017, 12:02 AM.
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tcberner added inline comments.
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^ I sometimes wonder wheter a single file is really worth an OPTION ^^ -- not really related ^^

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yuri added inline comments.
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Some people want to install all BASH bindings, so that they can just set BASH=yes for everything. It's nice IMO, even though it's just one file. :)

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Yes, but those who don't hopeuflly have other things to worry about than a 2.2k text file more on there disk ^^ -- what I was suggesting is to always just install such things :)

Yes, I know, but where do you draw the line? Having an option is certainly very beneficial when it enables/disables large parts. Some more pedantically-inclined people with argue that it's warranted even for such small single files. Packages in Gentoo linux, I think, do this a lot. There is likely no consensus on this in the computer community. :)


Never, ever, put %%FOO%% in PLIST_FILES. The idea behind %%FOO%% placeholders is to allow one to carry variables from the Makefile to the pkg-plist file. Here, you are in the Makefile, simply use the variables, or in that case, do it the way the framework helps you to do it:

PLIST_FILES=        bin/tio \
BASH_PLIST_FILES=   share/bash-completion/completions/tio

Also, whenever you install files in DOCSDIR, you MUST add a DOCS option.

I am STRONGLY in favour of more options. Even if it's a 1-file change. Give people choice and control. This is BSD, after all.

I created the request for portlint to complain about %%FOO%% in PLIST_FILES:

I've asked portlint to require DOCS when %%PORTDOCS%% is used in plist:

So do I have an approval to change these two items:

  • Restore pkg-plist and remove PKG_PLIST from Makefile
  • Add DOCS to options


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