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Replace makefs' hand-rolled unescaping with strunvis.

Authored by benno on Aug 22 2017, 10:21 PM.



mtree path names and link attributes are encoded, generally using strvis. Newer
versions of mtree will use C-style escapes but previously the accepted form was
octal escapes. makefs' mtree code spots the C-style escapes but fails to deal
with octal escapes correctly.

Remove mtree's escape-decoding code (except for a few instances where it's
needed) and instead pass pathnames and link targets through strunvis prior to

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Two comments:

  1. I see that there's an unvis(3) function as well. That seems like a good way to handle escape sequences in read_word() and not have callers of read_word() handle escape characters.
  2. makefs needs to be portable. Do you know if vis(3) exists on macOS and Linux?
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Stray assignment?
This is a dereference of node->symlink before checking for a NULL pointer...

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Maybe just write:

if (strnunvis(pathspec, PATH_MAX, pathtmp) == -1) {
    error = errno;
    goto out;

That avoids having to reset error and avoids confusion about the return value of strnunvis: it's not an error...

benno updated this revision to Diff 32347.Aug 23 2017, 8:37 PM
  • Remove left-over line from debugging.
  • Simplify strnunvis call in read_mtree_spec.
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