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hyperv/hn: Implement transparent mode network VF.

Authored by on Aug 1 2017, 6:31 AM.


How network VF works with hn(4) on Hyper-V in transparent mode:

- Each network VF has a cooresponding hn(4).
- The network VF and the it's cooresponding hn(4) have the same hardware
- Once the network VF is attached, the cooresponding hn(4) waits several
  seconds to make sure that the network VF attach routing completes, then:
  o  Set the intersection of the network VF's if_capabilities and the
     cooresponding hn(4)'s if_capabilities to the cooresponding hn(4)'s
     if_capabilities.  And adjust the cooresponding hn(4) if_capable and
     if_hwassist accordingly. (*)
  o  Make sure that the cooresponding hn(4)'s TSO parameters meet the
     constraints posed by both the network VF and the cooresponding hn(4).
  o  The network VF's if_input is overridden.  The overriding if_input
     changes the input packet's rcvif to the cooreponding hn(4).  The
     network layers are tricked into thinking that all packets are
     neceived by the cooresponding hn(4).
  o  If the cooresponding hn(4) was brought up, bring up the network VF.
     The transmission dispatched to the cooresponding hn(4) are
     redispatched to the network VF.
  o  Bringing down the cooresponding hn(4) also brings down the network
  o  All IOCTLs issued to the cooresponding hn(4) are pass-through'ed to
     the network VF; the cooresponding hn(4) changes its internal state
     if necessary.
  o  The media status of the cooresponding hn(4) solely relies on the
     network VF.
- Once the network VF is detached.  Undo all damages did to the
  cooresponding hn(4) in the above item.

No operation should be issued directly to the network VF, if the
network VF transparent mode is enabled.  The network VF transparent mode
can be enabled by setting tunable to 1.  The network
VF transparent mode is _not_ enabled by default, as of this commit.

The benefit of the network VF transparent mode is that the network VF
attachment and detachment are transparent to all network layers; e.g. live
migration detaches and reattaches the network VF.

The major drawbacks of the network VF transparent mode:
- The netmap(4) support is lost, even if the VF supports it.
- ALTQ does not work, since if_start method cannot be properly supported.

These decisions were made so that things will not be messed up too much
during the transition period.

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