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freebsd-update upgrade fails if /var is a tmpfs

Authored by feld on Nov 14 2014, 4:41 PM.



This is my lame attempt at fixing the issue documented in

It's not going to be bulletproof as anyone could use another different non-persistent filesystem we aren't aware of, but this should help...

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Looks good. I don't know what sort of crazy it takes to put /var on a tmpfs, but this is definitely the right way to respond to that situation.

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@ian noticed an issue with the way mfs was being detected and suggested we use a case and df -T instead. Turns out that mfs masquerades as ufs when mounted, so we need to check for the /dev/md* string

Previous patch was committed but doesn't break anything; just won't actually detect mfs.

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The sort of crazy I am that leads to /var on an mfs is an embedded systems person. :) I'm always having to deal with readonly root issues. Of course, I'd never use freebsd-update to update a readonly root type system.


Now that I see the wider context, I think it might be good to use df -T ${WORKDIR} rather than the $(...) construct I suggested. They are equivelent but it makes sense to use consistant style within the script.

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feld closed this revision.Nov 18 2014, 1:39 PM

Thanks @ian for catching that mistake and suggesting a better way. :-)