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Upgrading math/atlas to 3.10.2

Authored by thierry on Nov 11 2014, 9:59 AM.
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math/atlas is an important port, but a complex one, and I'd like a pair review before committing it.

The attached patch is almost ready, but it still contains unused variables from the previous version and it needs a @mode in plist, but I'd like to be sure that it's OK before going further.

Test Plan
  • All tests passed, but some symbols are missing and it needs to be linked with "-llapack -lblas". It seems that it was already so previously (LIB_DEPENDS+= if MAINTAINER_MODE), but anyway that seems strange...
  • Tested with some other ports depending on libatlas.

(Notice sent to maho@ )

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I think this is OK.

On the long run we should probably deprecate Atlas and just use OpenBlas for everything.

Thanks Pedro!

I've just proposed a new revision
to handle the different Blas/lapack options, and set OpenBlas by default.

For an unknown reason, it does not build anymore with the attached patch.
It needs some time to investigate and hopefully to fix.