random(4): Simplify RANDOM_LOADABLE


random(4): Simplify RANDOM_LOADABLE

Simplify RANDOM_LOADABLE by removing the ability to unload a LOADABLE
random(4) implementation. This allows one-time random module selection
at boot, by loader(8). Swapping modules on the fly doesn't seem
especially useful.

This removes the need to hold a lock over the sleepable module calls
read_random and read_random_uio.

init/deinit have been pulled out of random_algorithm entirely. Algorithms
can run their own sysinits to initialize; deinit is removed entirely, as
algorithms can not be unloaded. Algorithms should initialize at
SI_SUB_RANDOM:SI_ORDER_SECOND. In LOADABLE systems, algorithms install
a pointer to their local random_algorithm context in p_random_alg_context at
that time.

Go ahead and const'ify random_algorithm objects; there is no need to mutate
them at runtime.

LOADABLE kernel NULL checks are removed from random_harvestq by ordering
random_harvestq initialization at SI_SUB_RANDOM:SI_ORDER_THIRD, after
algorithm init. Prior to random_harvestq init, hc_harvest_mask is zero and
no events are forwarded to algorithms; after random_harvestq init, the
relevant pointers will already have been installed.

Remove the bulk of random_infra shim wrappers and instead expose the bare
function pointers in sys/random.h. In LOADABLE systems, read_random(9) et
al are just thin shim macros around invoking the associated function
pointer. We do not provide a registration system but instead expect
LOADABLE modules to register themselves at SI_SUB_RANDOM:SI_ORDER_SECOND.
An example is provided in randomdev.c, as used in the random_fortuna.ko

Approved by: csprng(markm)
Discussed with: gordon
Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D22512


cemAuthored on
Differential Revision
D22512: random(4): Simplify RANDOM_LOADABLE
rS356095: MFC r355806, r356091: double-registration of kbd drivers + revert