netinet*: update *mp to pass the proper value back


netinet*: update *mp to pass the proper value back

In ip6_[direct_]input() we are looping over the extension headers
to deal with the next header. We pass a pointer to an mbuf pointer
to the handling functions. In certain cases the mbuf can be updated
there and we need to pass the new one back. That missing in
dest6_input() and route6_input(). In tcp6_input() we should also
update it before we call tcp_input().

In addition to that mark the mbuf NULL all the times when we return
that we are done with handling the packet and no next header should
be checked (IPPROTO_DONE). This will eventually allow us to assert
proper behaviour and catch the above kind of errors more easily,
expecting *mp to always be set.

This change is extracted from a larger patch and not an exhaustive
change across the entire stack yet.

PR: 240135
Reported by: prabhakar.lakhera gmail.com
MFC after: 3 weeks
Sponsored by: Netflix


bzNov 12 2019, 3:46 PM
rS354642: MFC r354360: Add vfs.zfs.zio.taskq_batch_pct tunable.