Update copy_file_range(2) to be Linux5 compatible.


Update copy_file_range(2) to be Linux5 compatible.

The current linux man page and testing done on a fairly recent linux5.n
kernel have identified two changes to the semantics of the linux
copy_file_range system call.
Since the copy_file_range(2) system call is intended to be linux compatible
and is only currently in head/current and not used by any commands,
it seems appropriate to update the system call to be compatible with
the current linux one.
The old linux man page stated that, if the
offset + len exceeded file_size for the input file, EINVAL should be returned.
Now, the semantics is to copy up to at most file_size bytes and return that
number of bytes copied. If the offset is at or beyond file_size, a return
of 0 bytes is done.
This patch modifies copy_file_range(2) to be linux compatible for this
semantic change.
A separate patch will change copy_file_range(2) for the other semantic
change, which allows the infd and outfd to refer to the same file, so
long as the byte ranges do not overlap.


rmacklemFri, Nov 8, 11:39 PM
rS354563: bcm2835: commit missing constant from r354560