gpiobus: provide a new hint, pin_list


gpiobus: provide a new hint, pin_list

"pin_list" allows to specify child pins as a list of pin numbers.
Existing hint "pins" serves the same purpose but with a 32-bit wide bit
mask. One problem with that is that a controller can have more than 32
pins. One example is amdgpio. Also, a list of numbers is a little bit
more human friendly than a matching bit mask. As a side note, it seems
that in FDT pins are typically specified by their numbers as well.

This commit also adds accessors for instance variables (IVARs) that
define the child pins. My primary goal is to allow a child to be
configured programmatically rather than via hints (assuming that FDT is
not supported on a platform). Also, while a child should not care about
specific pin numbers that are allocated to it, it could be interested in
how many were actually assigned to it.

While there, I removed "flags" instance variable. It was unused.

Reviewed by: mizhka
MFC after: 2 weeks
Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D20459


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Differential Revision
D20459: gpiobus: provide a new hint, pin_list
rS349459: upgrade the warning printf-s in bus accessors to KASSERT-s