Fix objcopy for little-endian MIPS64 objects.


Fix objcopy for little-endian MIPS64 objects.

MFC r338478 (jhb): Fix objcopy for little-endian MIPS64 objects.

MIPS64 does not store the 'r_info' field of a relocation table entry as
a 64-bit value consisting of a 32-bit symbol index in the high 32 bits
and a 32-bit type in the low 32 bits as on other architectures. Instead,
the 64-bit 'r_info' field is really a 32-bit symbol index followed by four
individual byte type fields. For big-endian MIPS64, treating this as a
64-bit integer happens to be compatible with the layout expected by other
architectures (symbol index in upper 32-bits of resulting "native" 64-bit
integer). However, for little-endian MIPS64 the parsed 64-bit integer
contains the symbol index in the low 32 bits and the 4 individual byte
type fields in the upper 32-bits (but as if the upper 32-bits were

To cope, add two helper routines in gelf_getrel.c to translate between the
correct native 'r_info' value and the value obtained after the normal
byte-swap translation. Use these routines in gelf_getrel(), gelf_getrela(),
gelf_update_rel(), and gelf_update_rela(). This fixes 'readelf -r' on
little-endian MIPS64 objects which was previously decoding incorrect
relocations as well as 'objcopy: invalid symbox index' warnings from
objcopy when extracting debug symbols from kernel modules.

Even with this fixed, objcopy was still crashing when trying to extract
debug symbols from little-endian MIPS64 modules. The workaround in
gelf_*rel*() depends on the current ELF object having a valid ELF header
so that the 'e_machine' field can be compared against EM_MIPS. objcopy
was parsing the relocation entries to possibly rewrite the 'r_info' fields
in the update_relocs() function before writing the initial ELF header to
the destination object file. Move the initial write of the ELF header
earlier before copy_contents() so that update_relocs() uses the correct
symbol index values.

Note that this change should really go upstream. The binutils readelf
source has a similar hack for MIPS64EL though I implemented this version
from scratch using the MIPS64 ABI PDF as a reference.

MFC r339083 (emaste): libelf: correct mips64el test to use ELF header

libelf maintains two views of endianness: e_byteorder, and
e_ident[EI_DATA] in the ELF header itself. e_byteorder is not always
kept in sync, so use the ELF header endianness to test for mips64el.

MFC r339473 (emaste): libelf: also test for 64-bit ELF in _libelf_is_mips64el

Although _libelf_is_mips64el is only called in contexts where we've
already checked that e_class is ELFCLASS64 but this may change in the
future. Add a safety belt so that we don't access an invalid e_ehdr64
union member if it does.

PR: 231790


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rS340308: MFC r323632 (jhb): readelf: Add missing newline