Implement getrandom(2) and getentropy(3)


Implement getrandom(2) and getentropy(3)

The general idea here is to provide userspace programs with well-defined
sources of entropy, in a fashion that doesn't require opening a new file
descriptor (ulimits) or accessing paths (/dev/urandom may be restricted
by chroot or capsicum).

getrandom(2) is the more general API, and comes from the Linux world.
Since our urandom and random devices are identical, the GRND_RANDOM flag
is ignored.

getentropy(3) is added as a compatibility shim for the OpenBSD API.

truss(1) support is included.

Tests for both system calls are provided. Coverage is believed to be at
least as comprehensive as LTP getrandom(2) test coverage. Additionally,
instructions for running the LTP tests directly against FreeBSD are provided
in the "Test Plan" section of the Differential revision linked below. (They
pass, of course.)

PR: 194204
Reported by: David CARLIER <david.carlier AT hardenedbsd.org>
Discussed with: cperciva, delphij, jhb, markj
Relnotes: maybe
Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D14500