MFC Loader Fixes Final: r327612,r327703,r327704,r327878,r327879,r327881,


MFC Loader Fixes Final: r327612,r327703,r327704,r327878,r327879,r327881,

r327612: Invent new #defines for the biospci_{read,write}_config function

r327703: Define __dmadat after #include'ing ufsread.c.

r327704: Fix printf missing format variables warnings.

r327878: Add GUID for UEFI boot manager variables.

r327879: Report the boot order and where we are in that boot order.

r327881: Allow this file to be included

r328007: Fix booting on some arm64 systems after r327879 by fixing the call
to utf8_to_ucs2

r328029: When returning an error and freeing allocated memory from
ucs2_to_utf8, NULL the return pointer.

r328030: Check the return value from utf8_to_ucs2 instead of whether or not
uv is NULL.

r328031: Need to free uv after we're done using it.

r328061: utf8_to_ucs2() should check for malloc failure

r328156: stand: Move sections around to fix stand/ build with ld.lld on

r328169: Remove extra copy of bootinfo.c. It's a bit rotted copy of the one
in efi/loader.

r328288: Fix some resource leaks.

r328289: Don't leak memory when displaying help.

r328290: On malloc failure, be sure to close the include file that triggered

r328291: getenv does not return tainted data in the boot loader. Attempt to
clue Coverity into that fact.

r328292: There's no tainted data here, tag it as such to avoid false

r328411: loader.efi: add missing EFI GUIDs

r328536: loader: support for mixed-endianness ELF/loader and POWER8

r328603: Add missing non-POWERPC case to give the scr value something

r328614: Move libstand.3 to libsa.3. Update libsa.3 to include functions

r328642: Break out the interpreters (simple and forth) w/o ifdefs.

r328769: Centralize several variables.

r328779: Retire pnp.4th and the code needed only for 4th words used here.

r328780: These 4th words were an attempt to allow integration into the boot
loader scripts. However, that path won't be taken after all it

r328781: Remove pcibios forth support.

r328782: Now that we no longer conditionally compile some files outside of

r328783: Invent new LDR_INTERP for the loader interpreter to use.

r328806: We need more heap space to properly load newer powerpc kernels.

r328808: Implement strcoll as strcmp.

r328826: Make cross-endian loader changes apply only to powerpc

r328835: Fix regression introduced in r328806, preventing boot on many

r328911: Ignore relocation tables for non-memory-resident sections.

r328986: Fix relative location of USB sources after recent move.

r328987: A more definitions to kernel emulation shim in order to build

r328990: Move the stand/usb test loader into its own directory.

r328999: Fix indentation to FreeBSD standard for interp files

r329000: Move simple interpreter 'perform' into interp.c and call it

r329019: Move to tabs for indentation and to 8-space notches, per style(9).

r329050: Fix build of userboot.so

r329054: Set script.lang in the environment to either 'forth' or 'simple' to
reflect what scripting language was compiled into the loader.

r329060: loader: fix endianness conversion

PR: 225323


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