MFC r279444:


MFC r279444:
Allow passthrough devices to be hinted.

MFC r279683:
When ICW1 is issued the edge sense circuit is reset which means that
following an initialization a low-to-high transistion is necesary to
generate an interrupt.

MFC r279925:
Add -p parameter to list PCI device to pass through to the guest.

MFC r281559:
Fix handling of BUS_PROBE_NOWILDCARD in 'device_probe_child()'.

MFC r280447:
When fetching an instruction in non-64bit mode, consider the value of the
code segment base address.

MFC r280725:
Move legacy interrupt allocation for virtio devices to common code.

MFC r280775:
Fix the RTC device model to operate correctly in 12-hour mode.

MFC r280929:
Fix "MOVS" instruction memory to MMIO emulation.

MFC r280968:
Display instruction bytes and %rip prior to aborting due to an instruction
emulation error.

MFC r281145:
Enhance the support for Group 1 Extended opcodes for CMP, AND, OR instructions.

MFC r281542:
Initialize 'error' before use (Coverity IDs 1249748, 1249747, 1249751, 1249749)

MFC r281561:
Prior to aborting due to an ioport error, it is always interesting to see what
the guest's %rip is.

MFC r281611:
If the number of guest vcpus is less than '1' then flag it as an error.

MFC r281612:
Prefer 'vcpu_should_yield()' over checking 'curthread->td_flags' directly.

MFC r281630:
Relax the check on which vectors can be delivered through the APIC. According
to the Intel SDM vectors 16 through 255 are allowed to be delivered via the
local APIC.

MFC r281879:
Missing break in switch case (Coverity ID 1292499)

MFC r281946:
Don't allow guest to modify readonly bits in the PCI config 'status' register.

MFC r281987:
STOS/STOSB/STOSW/STOSD/STOSQ instruction emulation.

MFC r282206:
Implement the century byte in the RTC.


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