Major re-ordering of the steps that newsyslog will use when processing

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Major re-ordering of the steps that newsyslog will use when processing
files to rotate. The new order will first rotate all files that need
to be rotated, and then send a single signal to each process which
needs to be signaled, and finally it will compress all the files which
were rotated.

This means daemons will be signaled once per run of newsyslog, instead
of once per file rotated. Also, files will be compressed in order of
file-size (smallest to largest). Also, it waits for each file to be
completely compressed before starting the next one (effectively as if
the 'w' flag is specified for all entries in newsyslog.conf). This
avoids the situation of having 10 gzip's going at the same time (each
with a log.0 and a log.0.gz file active), and it also means that file
attributes can be reliably set on files after they are compressed.

NOTE: This commit does define NEWORDER (which you could get rid of if you really don't trust this), but it does not flip the "-D neworder" switch. So, at the moment none of these changes happen unless you request them (perhaps by adding '<debug> neworder' in newsyslog.conf).

PR: bin/25070 inspired some parts of this
Submitted by: parts from bin/25070 done by Helge Oldach
MFC after: 14 days


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rS130166: Add another 5.2.1 source compatibility tweak: acquire Giant before calling