Updaye to v1.53.0. (20 years since the previous release!)


Updaye to v1.53.0. (20 years since the previous release!)

From the release notes:
Par 1.53.0 released 2020-Mar-14

Fixed the following bugs:
    An unintended bad interaction between <quote> and <repeat>.
        The specification was inconsistent.  Although it said that
        the lines inserted by the <quote> feature were vacant,
        the <repeat> feature could interpret the quote character
        of inserted lines as a repeat character, in which case
        the lines were not vacant (according to the definition),
        and more quote/repeat characters would be inserted to
        extend the line to the full width, which no one would ever
        want.  The definition of "bodiless line" is revised so that
        lines inserted by the <quote> feature are excluded from
        consideration by the <repeat> feature.
    A printf format string mismatch (ptrdiff_t vs. %d), reported by
        Quentin Barnes (qbarnes at gmail.com).
    protoMakefile's clean target removed par rather than par$E,
        reported by George V. Reilly (george at reilly.org).
Added the following features:
    Locale support for single-byte character sets.
        The previous verson, 1.52, attempted to do this in one line
        of code (setlocale()), but it's not that simple.  Versions
        before 1.52 gave no thought to character sets other than
        US-ASCII and did not handle them entirely correctly.
        Calling setlocale() in version 1.52 corrected some flaws but
        not all, and created one new flaw.  This version and the
        previous two all have the same character handling in the
        "C" locale and when processing US-ASCII text; differences
        arise only when processing non-US-ASCII text in another
        locale.  In versions before 1.52 the implementation assumed
        that "uppercase letter" means only the 26 characters A-Z
        and that "lowercase letter" means only the 26 characters
        a-z, and the specification assumed that every letter is
        either upper case or lower case.  These assumptions hold
        for US-ASCII, but not for most other character sets;
        therefore versions before 1.52 did not really support
        non-US-ASCII text.  Version 1.52, by calling setlocale(),
        relaxed the three assumptions in the implementation but
        not the assumption in the specification, and inadvertantly
        caused the implementation to deviate from the specification
        by converting all space characters to spaces rather than
        converting only the specified white characters, which is not
        necessarily what you want (for example, you probably don't
        want no-break space converted to space, but some locales
        on some platforms have been known to classify no-break
        space as white-space, like FreeBSD did in 2004).  This
        version fixes the specification by introducing the concept
        of "neither-case letter" and redefining "alphanumeric
        character" to include it, and fixes the implementation to
        convert only the white characters to spaces.  It also makes
        the white characters configurable so that the version 1.52
        space-conversion behavior can be restored if desired (W=_S).
        Note that Par still assumes constant display width per byte,
        which is not true for UTF-8 nor ISO-2022-*, but is true for
        most single-byte charsets and for EUC-* text without the
        single-shift-in/out codes.
    The W option, for configuring the set of white characters.
    The Z option, for configuring the set of terminal characters.
    The _@ escape sequence (neither-case letter) in charset syntax.
    The _S escape sequence (any space) in charset syntax.
Added _@ and apostrophe to the set of body characters in PARINIT.
Add #includes for whatever interfaces are used rather than depending
    on included files to #include other files.
In protoMakefile introduced CPPFLAGS and CFLAGS (default empty) into
    the default definition of CC.
Added a test-par script and a test target in protoMakefile.
Fixed a misspelling (preceed => precede) in par.doc and par.1.
Changed the top-of-file comment convention so that every release
    won't need to touch every file (this is the last time).
Updated the author contact information.
Clarified the license and added the MIT License as an alternative.
Adopted a modern version number format, with minor and patch numbers
    as dot-separated integers rather than adjacent single digits.


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