security/gnupg: Update to 2.2.22


security/gnupg: Update to 2.2.22

Also, sort plist. The new gpgsplit binary is getting installed as
gpgsplit2 to avoid a conflict with security/gnupg1.

Noteworthy changes in version 2.2.22

  • gpg: Change the default key algorithm to rsa3072.
  • gpg: Add regular expression support for Trust Signatures on all platforms. [#4843]
  • gpg: Fix regression in 2.2.21 with non-default --passphrase-repeat option. [#4991]
  • gpg: Ignore --personal-digest-prefs for ECDSA keys. [#5021]
  • gpgsm: Make rsaPSS a de-vs compliant scheme.
  • gpgsm: Show also the SHA256 fingerprint in key listings.
  • gpgsm: Do not require a default keyring for --gpgconf-list. [#4867]
  • gpg-agent: Default to extended key format and record the creation time of keys. Add new option --disable-extended-key-format.
  • gpg-agent: Support the WAYLAND_DISPLAY envvar. [#5016]
  • gpg-agent: Allow using --gpgconf-list even if HOME does not exist. [#4866]
  • gpg-agent: Make the Pinentry work even if the envvar TERM is set to the empty string. [#4137]
  • scdaemon: Add a workaround for Gnuk tokens <= 2.15 which wrongly incremented the error counter when using the "verify" command of "gpg --edit-key" with only the signature key being present.
  • dirmngr: Better handle systems with disabled IPv6. [#4977]
  • gpgpslit: Install tool. It was not installed in the past to avoid conflicts with the version installed by GnuPG 1.4. [#5023] (We're installing it as gpgsplit2 to avoid conflict with security/gnupg1)
  • gpgtar: Handle Unicode file names on Windows correctly (requires libgpg-error 1.39). [#4083]
  • gpgtar: Make --files-from and --null work as documented. [#5027]
  • Build the Windows installer with the new Ntbtls 0.2.0 so that TLS connections succeed for servers demanding GCM.

    Release-info: https://dev.gnupg.org/T5030


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