gnupg: Update to 2.2.21


gnupg: Update to 2.2.21

  • gpg: Improve symmetric decryption speed by about 25%. See commit 144b95cc9d.
  • gpg: Support decryption of AEAD encrypted data packets.
  • gpg: Add option --no-include-key-block. [#4856]
  • gpg: Allow for extra padding in ECDH. [#4908]
  • gpg: Only a single pinentry is shown for symmetric encryption if the pinentry supports this. [#4971]
  • gpg: Print a note if no keys are given to --delete-key. [#4959]
  • gpg,gpgsm: The ridiculous passphrase quality bar is not anymore shown. [#2103]
  • gpgsm: Certificates without a CRL distribution point are now considered valid without looking up a CRL. The new option --enable-issuer-based-crl-check can be used to revert to the former behaviour.
  • gpgsm: Support rsaPSS signature verification. [#4538]
  • gpgsm: Unless CRL checking is disabled lookup a missing issuer certificate using the certificate's authorityInfoAccess. [#4898]
  • gpgsm: Print the certificate's serial number also in decimal notation.
  • gpgsm: Fix possible NULL-deref in messages of --gen-key. [#4895]
  • scd: Support the CardOS 5 based D-Trust Card 3.1.
  • dirmngr: Allow http URLs with "LOOKUP --url".
  • wkd: Take name of sendmail from configure. Fixes an OpenBSD specific bug. [#4886]

    Release-info: https://dev.gnupg.org/T4897


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