math/maxima: Add ECL and SAGE options


math/maxima: Add ECL and SAGE options

  • Add an ECL option to build maxima using ecl lisp. Option enabled by default so that Sage can work properly when using packages. [1]
  • Add a SAGE option (implies ECL) to apply some patches so that Sage can work properly. This option is also enabled by default to get working Sage packages. [1]
  • Fix a bug in xmaxima about documentation. This also introduces an XMAXIMA option (enabled by default) because to have xmaxima working we need to ensure that DOCS and TEST are enabled, which is done by using XMAXIMA_IMPLIES. This also has the advantage to remove USES= tk for users who want to disable XMAXIMA. [2]
  • Modify TEST option so that it only installs tests, but it does not run them any more in the post-build-TEST-on target. Tests can still be run using "make test".

Submitted by: thierry (based on) [1]
Reported by: thierry [2]
Approved by: thierry, tcberner (co-mentor)
Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D24959


salvadoreAuthored on
Differential Revision
D24959: math/maxima: Add ECL and SAGE options
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