databases/mysql80-{client, server}: Update to latest release 8.0.20


databases/mysql80-{client, server}: Update to latest release 8.0.20

  • Performance: Certain queries against tables with spatial indexes were not performed as efficiently following an upgrade from MySQL 5.7 to MySQL 8.0.
  • NDB Cluster: NDB defines one SPJ worker per node owning a primary partition of the root table. If this table used read from any replica, DBTC put all SPJ workers in the same DBSPJ instance, which effe
  • NDB Cluster: Executing the SHOW command using an ndb_mgm client binary from NDB 8.0.16 or earlier to access a management node running NDB 8.0.17 or later produced the error message Unknown field: is_s
  • On EL7 and EL8, CMake configuration was adjusted to look for GCC 9 before GCC 8. Because libmysqlclient ships with MySQL distributions, client applications built against libmysqlclient on those platfo
  • The max_length_for_sort_data system variable is now deprecated due to optimizer changes that make it obsolete and of no effect.

More Infos: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/relnotes/mysql/8.0/en/news-8-0-20.html

Special thanks to: fluffy

MFH: 2020Q2
Security: 21d59ea3-8559-11ea-a5e2-d4c9ef517024 (MySQL - Server)
Security: 622b5c47-855b-11ea-a5e2-d4c9ef517024 (MySQL - Client)
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