Update to 9.3.3


Update to 9.3.3

  • Open PTT serial port O_NONBLOCK so /dev/tty* can be used.
  • If a video device has no formats, do not add to camera list.
  • Add /index.html to local docURL so help will open in browser.

From the changelog:
20190418 QSSTV 9.3.3

  • fixed api documentation generation

20190418 QSSTV 9.3.2

  • complete rewrite of the FTP interfaces. They now run in a seperate thread
  • removed Hybrid notify config. All hybrid configurations are in one tab: Hybrid
  • size of recorded wav files was internally set to 0, fixed.
  • tx audio to wav file was output in mono with half the samples -> fixed
  • scaling of images in sstv tx mode -> fixed
  • show image with template when loading new image ->fixed
  • callsign was not set/send in DRM tx
  • new FFT implementation
  • compression in DRM now based on size in stead of ratio
  • fix error in reedsolomon decode when no erasures found
  • repeater functions implemented
  • fixed bug in AVT24-AVT90-AVT94
  • removed use VIS option in SSTV (now when a VIS code is detected, the mode is restricted to that VIS mode)
  • added confirmation options for delete files and program exit in gui configuration
  • more testing on raspberry Pi 3 model B. (compilation and execution OK)
  • added PKTLSB, PKTUSB and PKTFM in frequency config modulation
  • added passband to frequency settings
  • minor bug fixes


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rP499329: Update to 0.1.b149