Update to 2.5.5 which addresses security issues:


Update to 2.5.5 which addresses security issues:

  • Fix array bounds checking in BinPAC: for arrays that are fields within a record, the bounds check was based on a pointer to the start of the record rather than the start of the array field, potentially resulting in a buffer over-read.
  • Fix SMTP command string comparisons: the number of bytes compared was based on the user-supplied string length and can lead to incorrect matches. e.g. giving a command of "X" incorrectly matched "X-ANONYMOUSTLS" (and an empty commands match anything).
  • Weird" events are now generally suppressed/sampled by default according to some tunable parameters.
  • Improved handling of empty lines in several text protocol analyzers that can cause performance issues when seen in long sequences.
  • Add `smtp_excessive_pending_cmds' weird which serves as a notification for when the "pending command" queue has reached an upper limit and been cleared to prevent one from attempting to slowly exhaust memory.

Approved by: ler (mentor, implicit)
MFH: 2018Q3
Security: d0be41fe-2a20-4633-b057-4e8b25c41780


leresAug 30 2018, 12:13 AM
rP478426: Mark bro < 2.5.5 as vulnerable as per: