net-mgmt/py-msrestazure: update to 0.5.0


net-mgmt/py-msrestazure: update to 0.5.0

  • py-keyring: remove unused dependecency (per setup.py)
  • Switch to using GitHub (i.e. caconical source)
  • Take over maintainership
  • ChangeLog:
    • Features:
      • Implementation is now using ADAL and not request-oauthlib. This allows more AD scenarios (like federated)
      • Add additionalInfo parsing for CloudError
      • Implement new LRO options of Autorest
      • Improve MSI for VM token polling algorithm
      • Allow ADAL 0.5.0 to 2.0.0 excluded as valid ADAL dependency
      • MSIAuthentication now uses IMDS endpoint if available
      • MSIAuthentication can be used in any environment that defines MSI_ENDPOINT env variable
      • CloudError now includes the "innererror" attribute to match OData v4
      • Introduces ARMPolling implementation of Azure Resource Management LRO.
      • Improve MSIAuthentication to support User Assigned Identity
      • Add support for WebApp/Functions in MSIAuthentication classes
      • Add parse_resource_id(), resource_id(), validate_resource_id() to parse ARM ids
      • Retry strategy now reachs 24 seconds (instead of 12 seconds)
      • Add Managed Service Integrated (MSI) authentication
      • Add "timeout" to ServicePrincipalCredentials and UserPasswordCredentials
      • Threads created by AzureOperationPoller have now a name prefixed by "AzureOperationPoller" to help identify them
      • Add cloud definitions for public Azure, German Azure, China Azure and Azure Gov
      • Add get_cloud_from_metadata_endpoint to automatically create a Cloud object from an ARM endpoint
      • Add cloud_environment to all Credentials objects (except AdalAuthentication)
      • Add proxies parameters to ServicePrincipal and UserPassword credentials class
      • Add automatic Azure provider registration if needed
    • Breaking changes: These breaking changes applies to ServicePrincipalCredentials, UserPassCredentials, AADTokenCredentials
      • Remove "auth_uri" attribute and parameter. This was unused.
      • Remove "state" attribute. This was unused.
      • Remove "client" attribute. This was exposed by mistake and should have been internal. No replacement is possible.
      • Remove "token_uri" attribute and parameter. Use "cloud_environment" and "tenant" to impact the login url now.
      • Remove token caching based on "keyring". Token caching should be implemented using ADAL now. This implies: o Remove the "keyring" parameter o Remove the "clear_cached_token" method o Remove the "retrieve_session" method


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