Fixes for kgdb including initial FreeBSD/arm support.


Fixes for kgdb including initial FreeBSD/arm support.

  • Improve fallback handling for the read of pcb_size.

    If for some reason kgdb has only the kernel's debug info, a read of pcb_size will simply return 0, resulting in an exception when unwinding the stack of a thread that was on a CPU at the time the dump was created. In this case, fall back to using sizeof(struct pcb).
  • Always supply a value for the PC register on x86.

    A thread's PCB may have been swapped out, and a dummy value ensures that we don't get an exception while enumerating threads in a dump.
  • Mark all 64-bit address bits as valid for aarch64 kernels.

    ARMv8 supports pointer tagging in which case the upper 8 bits of VAs are ignored, but FreeBSD kernels are linked such that they depend on those upper 8 bits being set to 1. GDB was stripping those bits by default causing KVAs to be mapped to invalid addresses.
  • Rework kgdb -w support to only open /dev/mem writable.

    Don't depend on the gdb global 'write_files' option which tries to rewrite the kernel binary on close which can crash. Instead, add an optional '-w' flag to 'target vmcore' which opens the vmcore with O_RDWR instead of O_RDONLY. Change the kgdb '-w' option to set this flag in the nested 'target vmcore' command rather than passing the global '-w' option to gdb.
  • Garbage collect old code for reading dumptid.
  • First cut at FreeBSD/arm kernel support.

    Tested on live kernel on my RPi, but not against a crashdump, and only trapframes from userland, not a nested trap.

Submitted by: markj (1, 2)
Approved by: kan
Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D16013


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Differential Revision
D16013: devel/gdb: Fixes for kgdb including initial FreeBSD/arm support.
rP475317: MFH: r475268