net-mgmt/librenms: Update to 1.35, many improvements


net-mgmt/librenms: Update to 1.35, many improvements


  • All files should be owned root:wheel except logs and rrd which need to be writable by the app
  • Add missing php posix extension
  • Do not install config.php by default. This breaks the install process which won't run if this file exists
  • Clean up automatic PLIST creation: don't install .orig or .bak files, don't add @dir as they aren't needed
  • Patch LibreNMS to make /validate/ page not produce warnings about files not being writable (for git updates)
  • Remove the Updates validation check altogether as we won't be using git to update
  • Patch the User validation check to only check the logs and rrd dir and ensure the correct user owns them
  • Change the default user in the generated config to "www"
  • Patch the File Lock code to put the lock file in /tmp and not in the WWWDIR which should not be writable
  • Update message in installer to use WWWDIR as suggested path for config.php
  • Use shebangfix instead of patch where applicable
  • Fix APACHEMOD port option and declaration of the USES=php

PR: 225161
MFH: 2018Q1
Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D13907


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Differential Revision
D13907: net-mgmt/librenms: Update to 1.35, many improvements
rP459371: - Update ntopng to 3.2.2018.01.12