Upgrade to upstream SVN revision 1689959.


Upgrade to upstream SVN revision 1689959.

patch-jpeg and patch-nss have been upstreamed and are no longer needed.

patch-i118574 no longer seems necessary for a clean build.

Regnerate patch-i114430 with make makepatch.

Always build using boost from ports instead of the bundled boost, updating
the BUILD_DEPENDS with the header that configure looks for.

Add missing LIB_DEPENDS that are brought in by other dependencies, but are
directly linked as requested by pkgconfig/*.pc.

Build using sane and xrender headers from ports instead of bundled headers.

Update LICENSE* to account for bundled software.

Reformat pkg-message and mention that the scanner interface can be enabled
by installing sane-backends.

Pet portlint.

Reviewed by: pfg
Approved by: mat (mentor)
Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D3064